About Set Genie

For many groups, making a new setlist each night is a monotonous and draining task. Every show is different, so as a bandleader, it’s hard not to want each setlist to be unique. But endless possibilities in song choice and ordering can mean a lot of time spent crossing out and rearranging – overplaying some songs while completely forgetting others.

What if this process could be automated, allowing you to create a playable setlist in seconds? A program that achieved this would need intelligence. It would choose appropriate songs from an extensive list and order them in a sensible way, while introducing enough randomness that no two setlists would be identical. Essentially, it would make all the choices that you, the bandleader, would make in the same situation. Set Genie does all this and more, wrapping the entire experience into a graceful interface that is feature rich and intuitive. Every time you save a setlist, Set Genie analyzes your song choices and orderings, quickly honing its ability to emulate the best authority on the subject – you.

With Set Genie, it's easy to create a digital song library, complete with lyrics, charts, ChordPro, and notes. Share songs and setlists with other musicians. Use Live Mode to broadcast them to other devices in real time. And with automatic iCloud backup on iOS 13 and macOS 10.15, you can start a setlist at home on your Mac, edit it from your phone later in the day, and finalize it at the show from your iPad.

Set Genie lightens the burden of repetitive and tedious work shouldered by bandleaders and ensemble directors in all walks of musical life. By streamlining the logistics that complicate live performance, it allows you to put your focus back on the music.